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The work of London-based Nigerian artist Slawn (born c.2000 in Lagos, Nigeria) pendulates between street art and abstract expressionism while exploring pertinent issues of politics, race, and identity.


Following a sold-out solo exhibition in October, Slawn was revealed last month as the youngest ever artist to design the BRITs award (previous designers include Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin & Anish Kapoor).


Early fans include Virgil Abloh and Skepta, who included Slawn in his 'Contemporary Curated' exhibition at Sotheby's in September where Slawn's piece 'Bobo n Jarrad Go To Church' (120x100cm) sold for £28k.


The self-proclaimed “scam artist” likes to play with the concept of reality through large-scale canvases filled with a blend of cartoonish-like pop figures, bold colourful forms, and stylish shapes defined with vivid hues, that beckon the viewer. At first seemingly playful and descendant of street art, it is upon closer inspection that we see the intense human element that Slawn endows to each work, where he explores human psychology, politics, race, and other hard topics and issues still challenging society.


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